Innovating for You : Using childlike curiosity

You know how when customers buy products or services, and then wish it could have had this feature or that function? Or that it had better balance, or the experience lacked something?

That's where we come in.

We at RattL, help our clients bridge the gap between organizations and what their customers want.

We do this by helping our clients better understand their customers' needs and wants, and then conceptualize and create products and services that are better aligned with their customers' needs.

Customers win, clients win, we win!

RattL is a Mumbai-based global innovation & design strategy firm.
We strive to make the world better, by helping organizations create
more meaningful products and services for the people they serve.

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past work.

RattL 'em is a fun initiative that helps us be the best at what we do in the field of innovation.

We bank on: Ethics, Accountability, Unbiased Views and Effectiveness.

Create Meaningful Products & Services