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RattL! Innovating for You with childlike curiosity.

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Product Innovation
Customer Delight

You know how when we, as consumers, buy and use a product; we often tend to wonder, 'I wish it had this feature', or 'would have been good if it could also do that.'
Or 'wish it was better balanced', or 'it lacks something.'

That is where we come in.

We at RattL, help consumer product companies better understand their consumers' needs and wants. We then help them grow by bridging that gap by conceptualizing and creating more meaningful products with them.


Consumers win. Clients win. We win.

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RattL is a Mumbai-based global innovation & design strategy firm. We strive to make the world better, by helping organizations create more meaningful products for the people they serve.

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“Our primary objectives were to get a well thought through end-product, covering various scenarios. They delivered on all counts. Shrutin, who worked on our requirements, was very diligent, did a ton of research and also took the time to understand our business thoroughly so as to deliver a sound end product.

Shrutin challenged us along the way in the manner a potential investor would, so that we could substantiate and validate our assumptions, and where we could not, he helped us change the way we had thought about the business. Not only did we end up with a better business model but we overall had a better sense of where we were going with the business, and what it would take for us to get there.
I would definitely recommend them for the work that they did for us.”

CEO of a fast-growing hospitality technology company and former senior management at a Fortune 500 company

Working on an Innovation Challenge? Let Us Help You.

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