About RattL

In business, the status-quo is a dangerous state to be in. To willingly or otherwise be in a state of comfort or fear.

RattL is a Mumbai, India based global Innovation & Design Strategy practice.
We strive to make the world better, by helping organizations create more meaningful products and services for the people they serve.

Our primary offering is the ReCog Program, by way of which we work alongside your teams in a deadline-driven engagement, using our Innovation Model to understand your customers' needs better, and help arrive at a product or service with improved probability of delighting customers and being a business success.
Simply b
ecause your offerings would be better aligned with your customers' needs.

RattL your business out of slow growth

We help clients challenge their Status Quo.
We help
companies re-imagine their business.
We conceptualize and
create products and solutions with increased probabilities of success, as they are better aligned with customer needs.

Served companies in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi & USA.

Innovation Model

Operates at the intersection of:

  • human-centered design thinking,

  • management & growth strategy, and

  • behaviour.

Towards Making the World Better...

Our 3 service offerings: Work.
Some internal projects we are working on: Challenges.

Our Pillars: Ethics, Accountability, Unbiased Views and Effectiveness.

The Team

Mr. Shrutin Shetty

Co-Founder & Director (Innovation)

Shrutin brings over 15 years of experience across industry sectors. From improving patron experience at a restaurant during school holidays, to working night shifts at HP's BPO; and from being on the investment team at SIDBI's venture capital arm, to heading western India strategy & ops for TTPL, a leading metrology & industrial robotics company. In 2012, he started his strategy consulting practice that has served young companies worldwide, and that has evolved into RattL, an innovation & design strategy practice.

He is author of 'Design the Future'.
Visiting faculty at NIFT, Mumbai since 2018, and served on the panel of examiners for corporate innovation & improvement projects for the QualTech Prize since 2014.

Mr. Prasun Raj

Co-Founder & Director (Research)

Prasun is an Electronics & Communication Engineer, and an MBA in Marketing & Systems, an Expressive Arts Therapist, and a Counselling Psychologist in training.

He brings over 15 years of experience across technology and business, having been Lead Consultant (Market Research & Competitive Intelligence) at Honeywell, Program Manager at HP, and Solutions Innovation & Marketing Strategy Manager at Monotype Solutions India.

He founded
Arcworth Strategy LLP, a leading Bangalore [India] based market research & business planning firm.

Mr. Virendra Shukla


Mr. Shukla is an HRM veteran with over 40 years of strategic experience with leading business groups like the Mahindra Group, RPG Group, The Mehta Group, & Aditya Birla Group’s - UltraTech Cement Ltd.

He has served on its group company's Board of Directors for over 7 years. He has multicultural experience; trained in Corporate Management and TQM in Japan with companies like Toyota, Diakin, Kubota, Fuji Die, among others.

He has served as a Business Excellence Examiner for the IMC RBNQA & Qimpro’s QualTech Prize for over two decades, and has been a Professor at leading Accredited Business Management Institutions across India. He brings over a decade of HR Consulting &Development experience.