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RattL: Create Meaningful Products & Services

RattL is an India-based, global innovation & design strategy arm of Crystal Planet Labs LLP.
We are here to help Organizations, Governments & Non-profits grow.
We do this by helping our clients create meaningful Products and Services for the people they serve.

Organizations like yours have highly committed teams constantly gauging your customers' needs, trying to create relevant products and services that delight, while contributing to business growth.

However, many such teams often encounter hurdles and challenges along the way. It could be in the form of limited customer insights, limited spread of innovative ideas, prototyping potential solutions on tight budgets, and other hurdles in creating a viable and profitable solution.

That's where we come in! By way of our ever-evolving ReCog Program, we work alongside your team on a deadline-driven engagement, and use our unique Innovation Model, which is a blend of Design Thinking, Strategy and Behaviour', to understand your customer needs better, create a more diverse portfolio of potential solution ideas, prototype effectively and affordably, and help arrive at a product or service that has a stronger probability at customer delight and business success. Simply because it will be better aligned to your customers' needs.

We're here to 'RattL' your business out of slow growth and the status quo.

Check out our Work page to know how we can help your organization.
Here's a select listing of some of the challenges we have worked on in the past.
Here's an overview of RattL 'em, a fun initiative that helps us be the best at what we do in the field of innovation.
And here's some of the other Stuff we do.

Our work is built on foundations of Ethics, Accountability, Unbiased Views and Effectiveness.

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RattL: Innovation, Design Strategy Consulting, and more...