Our offerings at RattL are designed to help business leaders & teams to create meaningful products or services.

We review & refine our service offerings twice a year to ensure our clients get the best, and in a manner most suited to them.

Our work is at the intersection of human-centered design thinking, management & growth strategy, and principles of human behaviour.

We currently offer our clients the ReCog Program, a flexible, collaborative engagement with teams at companies, governments or non-profits that are working to create a more meaningful product or service.

The ReCog Program

For more meaningful Products & Services for Corporations, Governments and Non-profits.

RattL 'em

We are constantly fascinated by companies, products and services.
So, every few days, we send out an email to a random company anywhere in the world that caught our fancy. The email either contains an idea for a new product or service, a concern area to focus on, or a new feature or improvement to their portfolio.
Someday, we hope we can send an idea out into the world everyday.

We do it for free. And for fun. And the company that receives it is free to use the idea, with no financial or other obligation toward us. We think of it as our way to be the best at what we do in the field of innovation.

While most ideas are emailed directly to leaders at these companies, here are some ideas in the public domain:

For Food Delivery services

For an FAA approved Airline Middle seat design

For WhatsApp

For Note & Planner apps

Past Work

Below is a brief overview about some select client projects we have worked on in the past. Each assignment taught us something - from how to improve our research or interviewing methods, to better involving customers in the innovation journey, and involving client teams in ideation exercises, to prototyping more effectively and efficiently, and to creating crisp and impactful presentations and more.

The notes below are merely to offer a glimpse into the diverse challenges across numerous industry sectors and geographies that we have had the privilege of serving so far.

We have served clients in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi & North America till date.

With respect to a business challenge you might be grappling with, we urge you to get in touch with us to discuss it and to see if we can be of assistance. There are challenges we can help with, and those we cannot. And if we can't, we do try to refer you with a firm that might.