A hassle-free ideation service for corporate teams
who are facing the innovation equivalent of a writer's block

New product, service or feature ideas do not always come when we want them to.
Even the best corporate product and service innovation teams experience the innovation equivalent of a writer's block from time to time. Where high management expectations, tight deadlines, the sheer number of possibilities, and the competitive landscape, have a stifling effect on the flow and quality of solution ideas.

Carmenta is a hassle-free ideation service where, within a time-frame of under 9 working days, we offer client teams one or more broad idea concepts they can then build on. We use research and our ever-evolving Innovation Model to create potential idea concepts. These are raw ideas only, that client teams can test, and build more on.

With Carmenta, client teams get access to a fresh set of idea possibilities that are not a variant of something already offered by the competition. This often comes as a respite to teams that have been focusing on similar challenges year after year, and struggle to imagine what a new product or service could be.

Let us help you by offering idea possibilities for your next product or service.

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