The ReCog Program


To Help Organizations, Governments & Non-Profits
Meaningful Products & Services
for the People they Serve

Creating a new product or service is no easy task.

Corporate innovation or product teams must tackle unclear customer needs and wants.
There's the ever-noisy competitive environments that distract.
And urgent and high business expectations from the anticipated solution.
It can all add up to be a daunting experience for any team.

The ReCog Program strives to make innovation easier for our client teams.
We use our Innovation Model* to help our clients understand their customers' needs better.
And to then help conceptualize and create a product or service that:

  1. aims to delight customers as it is better aligned with their needs

  2. is adequately differentiated from competitor offerings

  3. is business-worthy for our clients.

What our clients can expect from The ReCog Program, is a

  • 2-to-5 month, deadline-driven engagement

  • Professionalism and strict client data confidentiality

  • A better understanding your customers' needs

Each Program focuses on a single, client-selected challenge. The objective is a meaningfully designed product or service (or a meaningful feature for an existing solution). It also applies to solutions for client employees.

* Our Innovation Model is an ever-evolving blend of (i) human-centered design thinking, (ii) management & growth strategy, (iii) principles of human behaviour, and (iv) our learning from client challenges across sectors.
Methodologies and tools help gather relevant user insights, and create a wider set of possible solution areas.
We prototype promising concepts in an affordable way. We make the innovation journey along with client teams and the involvement of their customers, toward a business-worthy solution that aims to delight.

Let us help you create your next meaningful product or service.

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